Deltagen Colombia

Deltagen Colombia

Deltagen SAS was founded in 1992 and offers an extensive portfolio of ingredients, packing and cleaning materials, and machinery for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Our team is specialized in offering support in the following divisions; Nutraceuticals; Fats and oils; Milling Bakery and chocolate; Meat and Seasonings; Dairy Fruits and Vegetables; Alcoholic Beverages and drinks; Hygiene and Sanitation.


Deltagen Colombia
Costado sur vía Bogotá – Siberia
Entrada Parque La Florida 1.2 km
Parque Ind. Terrapuerto Bod. 58
Cota – Cundinamarca

(+57 1) 875 - 9200
Fax (+ 571) 660 - 7130

Lunes a Viernes : 8AM - 5PM